Using focus groups and other survey methods, Opinion Studies helps start-ups and established companies understand their customers' needs and reactions to new and existing products and to promotional strategies.  Opinion Studies has done extensive work in the area of new product development.

  • A manufacturer of medical eye protectors was venturing into the fashion sun glass sector and needed to understand how consumers choose fashion sunglasses.  Opinion Studies conducted a series of focus groups among prospective customers which helped educate the company's product designers and marketing staff about this new-to-them market.
  • A software company was developing new software for a franchisee to facilitate the completion of service orders.  Opinion Studies designed and implemented a hybrid usability and focus group study among prospective users.  The study highlighted problem areas and inspired design solutions. 
  • A visitor's bureau was interested in learning where event attendees at three high profile events reside and what other activities they engaged in while in town for these events.  Opinion Studies conducted intercept interviews at key locations and produced a summary report that helped the bureau better focus its marketing efforts and cross-event promotions.



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