Colleagues and Prospective Clients:

                                                           Robyn Letters

                                                           Robyn Letters

My overarching goal is to provide my clients with relevant data that helps them make decisions and move forward with confidence.  We’ve all faced important decisions with some uncertainty wishing we had just a little more information to help us feel more secure about our next steps.  My intent as a dedicated researcher is to provide that extra bit of information to my clients.

Not all strategic decisions warrant a large scale project, but most can benefit from some input from those we are interested in hearing from—our constituents.  Opinion Studies' custom projects range in size from a few personal interviews to several focus groups to complex, multi-stage mock trials and experimental designs to large community attitude surveys.  Each project is designed to meet our clients’ unique needs.

None of us think exactly like our constituents nor do we assign the same values and priorities to relevant attributes.  Research narrows the gap between our personal perceptions and those of our constituents.  In my years of doing various kinds of research I’ve learned over and over again that people individually and collectively are wonderfully unique and idiosyncratic, sometimes illogical and almost always unpredictable.  I am consistently surprised and informed by our research findings; these experiences reinforce my respect for the research process as well as my respect for people in general.  I always learn something from our projects and so do my clients. 

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December 2015