Understanding constituent viewpoints before implementing a controversial policy change or ballot initiative can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.  Opinion Studies works with government agencies, special interest groups, land developers and political candidates to measure voter inclination and public sentiment.

  • The city of San Luis Obispo wanted feedback from city residents about a water conservation program.  Opinion Studies conducted focus groups in which residents viewed TV spots and collateral materials.  Several changes based on group findings made the program more effective.  
  • San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department wanted to understand Los Osos residents' attitudes toward a controversial wastewater facility to be constructed in the town.  Opinion Studies conducted an all-resident mail survey which indicated clear support for one design over the other, allowing decision makers to move forward without further study costs.
  • A land developer was confronted with negative publicity about his proposed development.  Before proceeding with more expensive plans, he wanted to understand just how deep seated the negative attitudes were and what aspects of his project were the most controversial.  Opinion Studies conducted a telephone survey among area residents which clearly measured the extent of opposition.  The land developer decided not to proceed.

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