Our Services

Faced with a strategic decision about people not like themselves, decision makers need input they can trust.  Opinion Studies provides just that.  We are experts in research with decades of experience to back up our studies.  We know how to ask the right questions, of the right people, at the right time.  Then, we know how to make sense out of the information we’ve gathered.  

Led by long-time research professional Robyn Letters (link to Personal Note), Opinion Studies serves a diverse client base which includes trial consultants and attorneys interested in predicting juror behavior as well as marketers developing new product designs and alternative messaging.  We also count organizations such as government agencies, land developers, public relation firms, political candidates, health care providers and non-profits who are interested in measuring public opinion as important segments of our client base.  

Trial Consulting/Jury Research Services:

  • Mock trial/focus group facilitation
  • Shadow jury facilitation
  • Community attitude surveys
  • Change of venue surveys
  • Venue analysis
  • Mock Juror Recruiting

Companies served:

  • Exxon
  • Microsoft
  • Ford Motor Credit
  • Samsung
  • Fish and Richardson
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Marketing/Public Opinion Services:  

  • Focus groups
  • Telephone surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • On-line surveys
  • Personal interviews
  • Participant recruitment

Companies served:

  • PG&E
  • Cal Poly
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Located in San Luis Obispo, CA (link to Location). Opinion Studies provides research services to local entities as well as to organizations throughout the country.   In its 30 years in business, Opinion Studies has conducted research projects in nearly every state in the nation including Alaska and Hawaii as well as in Puerto Rico.